We take walk-ins!

Custom Tattoos!

Custom artwork to vibe with any style. We specialize in not specializing. Photo realism, neo traditional, water color, freehand, the list goes on...

Call, messege, or stop in to set up some time. Call ahead to see availibilty for walk-ins!

Body Piercings!

$50 +

Nostril,Helix, Flat,Single Lobe,

$60 +

Septum, Conch, Eyebrow, Navel, Tongue, Smiley, Lower Labret

$70 +

Tragus, Daith, Rook, Medusa, Monroe, Madonna, Forward Helix

$80 Cash

Orbital, Industrial, Double Lobe, Nipples

$100 +

Surface Bar


Dermal Removal

*Prices are subject to change

Are You Under 18?

Minnesota law requires all of the following for clients under 18 years of age:

A parent must be present

Parent must have a photo ID

Minor must have a photo ID

School photo IDs are accepted forms of identification for minors. Birth certificates must be government-issue, not the one from the hospital with footprints. For any piercings besides lobes on a minor identification must provide date of birth.

*Minors are ineligible for nipple piercings.

Dog Portrait Tattoo, Duluth, Mn
Tiger tattoo Duluth, MN