Piercing Info

We take walk-ins for piercings!


What You Need

Clients must provide a valid government-issued photo ID. We accept the following:


Driver's License

State ID

Tribal ID

Military ID


Printouts from the DMV that include photo identification are also acceptable as long as the voided ID is presented.

Clients under 18 years of age must bring a parent and provide additional documentation, as listed below.


Minnesota law requires all of the following for clients under 18 years of age:

A parent must be present

Parent must have a photo ID

Minor must have a photo ID

School photo IDs are accepted forms of identification for minors. If the ID does NOT include the date of birth and/or the last name is different from the parent/guardian we will need to see a birth certificate. If the adult is a court appointment guardian we will need to see proof provided by the court. Birth certificates must be government-issue, not the one from the hospital with footprints. 

*Minors are ineligible for nipple piercings and genital piercings*

**Age limit for lobes 8 Y/O or older**

***Minors under the age of 14 are only eligible for lobes***

****Tongue, Navel and Industrial piercings are 16+***


All prices include basic titanium jewelry


Jewelry change


Nostril, Helix, Single Nipple, Single Lobe 


Septum, Conch, Eyebrow, Navel, Tongue, Lower Labret, High Nostril


Forward Helix, Madonna, Monroe, Medusa, Navel, Rook, Daith, Tragus


Orbital, Industrial, Double Lobe, Nipples 


**Call for pricing and information on genital piercings**